Asli Bayram - Sevdah Film Poster


Sarajevo, after 11th September 2001. Karim works as deminer in the hills around the city while waiting to be sent to Iraq with his group. His main reason — the money. But a love story with unhappy ending will change his life. It’s a tale about a love triangle between him, his best friend Juka and Ivana, girl from Belgrade, but at the same time this is a story about the clash between West and Islam and how one young Bosnian copes with this issue. Karim is a Bosnian Muslim, but he is not a “walking mine”; he only tries to de-mine his own little corner of the earth and to make it safer.




Jasmin Durakovic


Jasmin Durakovic, Asmir Kujovic


Asli Bayram, Amar Selimovic, Marija Karan, Adnan Haskovic

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