Nicole ( Asli Bayram) is a journalist working for a TV station in Vienna, Austria. In 2004, she travels to Bosnia to film a report about Edina, a young woman who has gone missing. Edina wanted to bury her Muslim father in Bosnia. His remains were discovered in a mass grave. Nicoles search takes her to Morovci, the place where Edina was last seen. Morovci is located in Republika Srpska, a nation created after the war. It was a major site of ethnic cleansing, in which thousands of Muslim civilians perished. Nicole’s tenacious inquiries put her increasingly at risk. The fanatic nationalism and open aggression all around her make Nicoles search a life-threatening mission.


Lukas Sturm


Lukas Sturm


Asli Bayram, Senad Basic, Adnan Haskovic, James Hallett

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